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Holiday Book Special

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Newly Revised Edition of “The Sword in the Boardroom”

Now Available! The Sword in the Boardroom – Sun Tzu, Musashi, and Kaufman on “Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned” Available at Amazon and Hanshi.com/books Book Sample BOOK ONE EARTH – FUNDAMENTAL ATTITUDES UNDERSTANDING MOTIVATION Sun Tzu – It is wise to understand your personal motives for doing things and preventing haphazard approaches to […]

Quote and Commentary from – Musashi’s Book of Five Rings

“Denigrate the enemy constantly and with great spirit. Do not acknowledge the possibility that the enemy is stronger than you. Do not accept the possibility that the enemy is smarter than you are in any way whatsoever. If you are aware of the Way of the warrior, you are aware of the Way of the […]

Snake’s Head/Snake’s Tail

Sometimes both spirits in a fight can become entangled and nothing seems to be able to work. We must think in terms of strategy as being both a snake’s head and a snake’s tail. Never permit yourself to become entangled in the small points of a combat situation. Expand your spirit and see both the […]

Just a Friendly Pre-Holiday Reminder

Time is flying by and the Holidays will be here before you know it! So, this is just a friendly reminder to order your books from Hanshi Warrior Press early to receive them in time for the holidays. Looking for self-help books? May I suggest the Self-Revealization Acceptance series. Looking for great action/adventure novels? Check […]

In Celebration of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings

    EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOR THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE Tuttle Publishing, my publisher, is offering FREE copies of my version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings in celebration of 20 years of continued sales and influence worldwide. In order to get your copy, you MUST have an Amazon account (nothing to buy) and pledge to do […]

Special Summer Book Sale Blowout

Hanshi Warrior Press Special Summer Book Sale Blowout Books by Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman Get 20% off orders of two or more books, plus free shipping until Labor Day. This deal is only available when you order through PayPal. Email your order and make payment to hanshi422@earthlink.net. For a complete list of my books, view […]

An Astonishing Book Review

I have recently been made aware of an astonishing review of my version of Sun Tzu’s Art of War by Alexander Tipton who will be graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University this June. The reason I say ‘astonishing’ is not because it is an accolade for my work, but rather that it is an example of […]


Ancient Warrior Strategy for the Modern Woman as presented through Hanshi Stephen Kaufman’s celebrated book, The Lady of the Rings

Perhaps the greatest ancient book of strategy ever written was by one of the world’s greatest swordsmen and warriors, Miyamoto Musashi. Born in imperial times of Japan, his work, The Book of Five Rings, is unarguably one of the most revered and studied books of strategy in the modern world. A highly respected warrior in […]

Haiku for Miyamoto Musashi –

Dedicated to the Book of Five Rings one hundred haiku Musashi your voice is mine I am your wisdom In this brief volume I have created a series of haiku in classical 5,7,5 meter to celebrate our most profound father and master, Miyamoto Musashi. The inordinate influence of who many consider to be kensei, the […]

A Lesson in Women’s Empowerment

As Anne Davis states in her story from The Lady of the Rings – Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women, “Everything I do is based on my understanding that my work is an extension of my true being. The physical manifestation of my “trade” is an extension of me. If I approach my work with […]


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