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Ultimate Self-defense

To order Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense, visit http://www.hanshi.com/books.html Advertisements

Forthcoming Self-defense Book

  Follow the instructions in this book step-by-step and you will become a master of fierce, retaliatory capability. With over 60 years of teaching and practical experience, Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman has created a formidable self-defense, self-protection system based on his Hebi Ryu Budo (School of the Snake) martialist philosophy. You will find no nonsense, […]

Tis the Season to Give—Books

Hanshi Warrior Press would like to make a few reading recommendations for friends, family and, yes…yourself! We have a few ongoing specials. Order ANY 2 books and get ANY 3rd book for free.  Also, if you order any 1 book you may receive a free copy of the original, out of print book, Zen and […]

Metaphysics in Martial Disciplines – Part Two

Question 2 – Thank you very much for taking the time to answer so thoroughly. I realize that the subject matter I was questioning isn’t exactly conducive to the “short-answer,” but I very much appreciate you not treating it as such. It’s taken me this long to respond, due mostly to the impact your response […]

An Interview with the Incredible Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman

Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman, Shodai Soke An interview with Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman, by Hanshi Frank Dux I attended Grandmaster Irving Soto’s Live Martial Arts Masters event in New York City on May 19, 2012. It was an amazing gathering of true masters in the martial arts. I have been around the world many times […]

Introduction to Sai

 Correct Grips for Effective Control and Execution of Sai Technique Effective and efficient execution of technique with sai, in bujitsu, or with any weapon, requires a proper grip for correct execution. Endeavor to develop a grip that will give you the ability to deliver exacting “hits.” In addition to keeping your wrists flexible and straight, […]

New Book Announcement

Paladin-Press has begun shipping my newly edited version of The Art of Stickfighting. ISBN 978-1-61004-515-5 Check it out: http://www.paladin-press.com/product/The_Art_of_Stick_Fighting/Japanese_and_Okinawan For more info on the author, visit http://www.hanshi.com