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The Modern Age of Treason and the Washington Post Travesty

Whoever leaked President Trump’s private messages should be fired and prosecuted. Behavior of this caliber must be immediately stopped. That WaPo even reprinted them shows a tremendous lack of respect for the sovereignty of our nation and is a serious breach of security. Action should definitely be taken against them as well to ensure that […]


In Defense of the Politically Confused: An Overview of America’s Potential Demise

It is amazing that in the times we are living there seems to be no control being exercised on the so-called leaders of the major world governments: all of them trying to rattle their swords as major world powers because they are supported by a laissez-faire attitude from the American front. From the staging of […]


The "Art of War" in Action

The Absurdity of Afghanistan: the Wasteful Potential Brilliance of Gen. David Petraeus and the Reality of Ignoring Sun Tzu’s Art of War by Stephen F. Kaufman “The intelligent warlord understands that entrance into conflict is senseless without an attitude of complete and total victory. Congratulations to Gen. David Petraeus on his recent appointment to head […]