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Fight Scene from “The Hanshi in Brussels”

The Hanshi in Brussels by Stephen F. Kaufman Chapter 50 – The Fight Scene Robert’s red Saab convertible wound through very narrow streets that must have one time been ancient cart paths. With what seemed hardly enough room for one car, traffic sped by in both directions. The Hanshi sat silently hoping that Robert didn’t […]

Hanshi Warrior Press Ebooks

Hanshi Warrior Press is pleased to announce new, lower pricing for our ebook editions of the ground-breaking Self-Revealization Acceptance series and the Hanshi David Mann action/adventure novel series. These ebooks are available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble in Kindle editions and NOOK Book editions, respectively.           For more info […]

excerpt from “The Hanshi in Brussels”

Recap of Chapter 1 – NATO headquarters in Brussels has been blown up Chapter 2 Richard Martens sat in his small apartment six blocks away from the debacle and stared with interest at the television screen that continued to report on the event and the accompanying bedlam of the previous day. The attack was being […]

The Hanshi in Brussels

Synopsis In Book Two of the Hanshi David Mann action/adventure series, the Hanshi is called back into service by the head of Interpol, based on agreement. Reluctantly, he agrees to assist. His cover will be an impromptu lecture tour on military and martial strategy at European military and industrial complexes. He begins to track down […]

The Hanshi of Central Park – Book One in the Hanshi David Mann Adventure Series

Introducing Hanshi David Mann Hanshi is the highest rank attainable in the martial arts world. To receive this rank, a man must be a very skilled and field-proven warrior, an exemplary teacher, and a leader of men. However, that is not the only reason for the title, which can only be conferred by his peers. […]