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Lady of the Rings Book

The Lady of the Rings Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Interpreted for Women’s Empowerment from the Introduction (I chose the following paragraphs in a random manner to give you an idea and taste of what to expect when reading the book in complete form.) “…I thumbed through the book again and read about “differences in […]

Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned

My book, The Sword in the Boardroom, is becoming the accredited, standard synthesis of the teachings of Musashi, Sun Tzu, and myself. It is starting to really take off, and accolades are piling up from many verifiable business and military leaders. The principles of management and motivation skills for personal and business development are discussed […]

Excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Art of Business Based the Maxims of Napoleon – The Politics of Reality

THE ART OF BUSINESS BASED ON THE MAXIMS OF NAPOLEON – The Politics of Reality By HANSHI STEPHEN F. KAUFMAN INTRODUCTION There is no need to attempt an introduction of Napoleon Bonaparte. His contribution to the world and certainly to France is inestimable. He was, among many things, a major player in the structure of […]

Sword in the Boardroom – Lesson 1

The principles of Hanshi’s management and motivation skills for personal development are discussed in depth. Using the idea of winning for the benefit of all concerned is stressed that empowers individuals to ascend to higher levels of accomplishment is explained for everyone to use successfully.