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The Modern Age of Treason and the Washington Post Travesty

Whoever leaked President Trump’s private messages should be fired and prosecuted. Behavior of this caliber must be immediately stopped. That WaPo even reprinted them shows a tremendous lack of respect for the sovereignty of our nation and is a serious breach of security. Action should definitely be taken against them as well to ensure that this foolishness does not continue. No, I am not in favor of a dictatorship, but enough is enough. It is not in the best interests of the populace in general to have to know what POTUS says at every instance, without even knowing the real reason behind it.

What goes on in the Oval office IS NOT for general consumption, especially when there are forces at work bent toward destroying the current presidency. And, please, don’t give me the First amendment arguments! If the First amendment were really understood, then this idiocy would never rise to the surface. Respect for the nation is of utmost importance. More than any administrative policy and, in a democracy, an elected person is the one following the demands of the public that put him or her into office in the first place.

It would behoove those who are in a position of alleged responsibility to carefully read and study, with retention, The Sword in the Boardroom.

You may consider this to be an overt sales pitch, but it should be noted that the wisdom contained in the book far surpasses contemporary badinage and should be considered essential knowledge for governing for the benefit of all concerned.

© Stephen F. Kaufman

For more info about the author and to order book, visit www.hanshi.com


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