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Overcoming Fear


Overcoming Fear

I received this query from a student who has some years in the martial arts. The question of “fear of being hit” is a matter that concerns a great many practitioners of the arts. Here is one approach to overcoming this fear.

Student: I am studying your book, Hanshi’s Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense and have been learning a lot from it. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. How do you learn to maintain the spirit? How do you control it? I get nervous every time I go to spar and, in some cases, in life.

Hanshi Kaufman: From the perspective of your question, I make the following observations. You are preoccupied with the fear of being hit. This is a normal state of affairs when in a physical combat situation, even if it is only sparring. It is not restricted just to the physical, but also includes face-to-face life-choice confrontations. The fear itself is what keeps your spirit from expressing its own higher ideal, and so you must learn to dominate it by giving it, the fear in any form, a specific directive to cease having authority in your own soul. You must consciously work on this until your sub-conscious mind believes your directive as true, based on your self-acceptance of it as functional in this situation.

That said, you should not think in terms of hurting or being hurt. This mindset is natural for some people, but a person can develop it, though it does take some time and depends upon your experiences in combat scenarios, even in practice sessions and your ardent desire to overcome the imposed limitations. You have to define, personally and specifically, what you want to experience relative to spirit. Think about this and get back to me after due consideration.

Hanshi Kaufman: It has been three days. You are taking too long to think; procrastination interferes with ascension.

Student: The fear of being hit keeps me from perfecting technique. I should focus more on my training rather than a false feeling of fear that keeps me from moving forward. Thank you, Sensei, for your words.

Hanshi Kaufman: To overcome the fear of being hit, concentrate on developing unstoppable firepower. Then, your confidence will empower you to drive into a target. When being hit in any manner and, of course, depending on the intensity, your resolve can still carry you through to victory.

Student: Thank you for your words I needed to hear.

Hanshi Kaufman: Go practice! In addition—remember—fighting is not a social event; it can be a matter of life or death. Act accordingly!

© Hanshi Stephen Kaufman

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