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Do Not Be Afraid of Change: It is the Only Thing You Can Depend On



Do not be afraid of change. It is the only thing you can depend on.

Change occurs through all things at all times. It is called life expressing its desire for new understanding and expression. If this did not occur then imminent death would be the result albeit not necessarily physical. When feelings of uncertainty arise in a person, it is usually the beginning of a new sense of consciousness even if that particular person does not go along with the driving force that is creating the unrest and causing a desire for change. There is never progress without conflict. Even in the midst of understanding one’s art to a new level of awareness, the old forms will create impediments and discomfort toward acceptance of the new because of their own innate sense of conceptual beingness relative to the person undergoing the prelude to change. When the desire for a different set of circumstances arise, it is essential that you consider the move to the new consciousness. It is your soul telling you it is time to move on. It will possibly reappear in your mind time after time until you make a decision of choice wherein you make the move or you don’t. Eventually, if you don’t, the feelings will subside and you may wonder later on why you didn’t take advantage of your intuition. If you do, get ready for combat on any level it appears to emanate from. This is not a bad thing if you are prepared and self-assured.


It should be noted that when too much dissension becomes prevalent and a group seeks to topple the status quo of the standing authority it must be done with a sane approach, or the inevitability of required protective tools will be used, bringing about the exact fears in manifest form that were originally protested against. Generally, these are the very same fears that realistically do not exist. People become slaves to their own fears when egged on by malcontents that seek power, at any cost, through their own agenda and who seek to create disharmony for the sake of creating disharmony. This breakdown will cause outside enemies to prey on evident weakness in the society. To bring about positive and productive change without destroying the fabric of a society, intelligent and well thought out discussions are important, the results of which must be adhered to; and not emotional outbursts that play on the fears of the uninformed masses. Force should be considered as never necessary; however, when it is, force is the only answer and the impetus to win must be the primary driving factor toward victory regardless of who is right or wrong, which in itself is always a subjective rationale. Understand this before you plan on a revolution based on unfounded insecurities foisted on the public by groups seeking recognition of their own lack of understanding and failure to come to terms with the tragedy of their own inevitable inconsequence.


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