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Appreciate Yourself

way of warrior front cover

Chapter 25

Appreciate Yourself, or You Won’t Be Appreciated

This is the most essential attitude one can have relative to living a sane and prosperous life. Think about this most carefully. Who is more important than you are? If you are not taking care of yourself to the extent that you want to take care of yourself, then how can you presume to take care of anyone or anything else except perhaps on a cursory level, which is at best a superficial mentality? There can be no one more important than you in the universe. There is no one more important than me in the universe. That is why I do not have difficulty in accepting you for what you are. Living thus, there is never a need for conflict. You have nothing that I really want that I cannot have for myself. If I think you can be of value to me, then I can proceed to celebrate my work and acknowledge you as having helped, and you will be that happier with our relationship and seek to do more for the project given to us as a gift from Heaven. If I am greedy, then you will withhold your beingness from me. I would prefer to have your gracious help and be able to say thank you with sincerity. It is most important to understand that what you are doing is merely an extension of the universe needing something done for reasons that you and I will never truly comprehend. Accept this profound gift of life with thanks and gratitude as an indication of due respect and admiration for yourself as being responsible for its earthly representation.

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