The Way of the Modern Warrior

way of warrior front cover

It is better to take the easy way in rather than the easy way out.

When a person is confident in their endeavors, even though they may not be at a level of mastery, the road to mastery itself becomes easier to attain. When you have to struggle with the potential outcome of a situation, then you are not in control of your thoughts and desires. You do not have a perspective on proper conduct and, therefore, cannot visualize the intended outcome of your dreams. Even if you do not know where you want to go but have a desire for change, you are already at some place along that path. Understanding and realizing where you are is the first step toward moving to a new understanding of where you think you might want to be. Once you have that aspect of your life under your own personal guidance, you can readily seek assistance from others who will be sympathetic to your ideals. New opportunities will arise and you will be on your way again until, of course, you determine that that is not where you want to be either. Then you redefine your desires and a new direction appears. The easy way out is usually that used by losers who blame others for their paltry existence and complain that they do not have the ability to make their own decisions because of self-proclaimed infringements. They will then use the excuse that they don’t want to hurt anyone and so become self-denigrating martyrs. They can then deny themselves joy and pleasure while luxuriating in a miserable existence.

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2 comments on “The Way of the Modern Warrior

  1. Awesome wisdom Hanshi. I will be getting and reading this whole book.

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