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Self-defense: Knife Attacks

Self Defense Cover

Knife Attack #1

Knife comes down over head from front

REALITY CHECK! Brutality cannot be stressed adequately in this countering sequence. There is nothing worse than doing something without conviction. Counterattack with correct rhythm and timing; function with spirit and total resolve to destroy this attacker.

1 – As the knife begins to come down, and with a scream of gutmost intensity, step to the outside of the knife arm while simultaneously driving your fingers into the eyes of the attacker with the opposite hand and pull your hand back faster than you sent it out. The attacker’s reflex may cause you injury as the knife is directed in the direction of your attack. Jump back.

2 – If necessary, take another breath, continue to scream and drive your rear foot into the groin area with full force and conviction. Jump back for balance to get out of the way of the knife arm that may be returning in a slashing movement. Fingers to the eyes will stagger the attacker and he may begin to slash wildly at anything. Be fast and be careful.

3 – Having jumped back and away, fire another kick to the groin or shin. The attacker, temporarily disabled, will give you time to get away.

4 – Run

The main idea is to get to safety and not continue a relentless counterattack. When you have executed with force and resolve, with the proper technique of screaming, quickness, power, and form, you will have finished.

Excerpt from Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense.

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