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New Self-defense Book is Here!


Self Defense Cover



Randy L. Whynacht

Founder and Director, Whynacht Security & Survival

The honour of being asked to write this forward proves that my friendship with Stephen Kaufman has come a long way since I first “met” him on a Saturday afternoon in 1994. I was walking by the front window of a book store in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, when a singular tome caught my eye and soon became a well I still drink from annually, each year, from what I flatter myself by regarding as an ever more elevated perspective. The book was his interpretation of Miyamoto Musashi’s “Book of Five Rings.” While a horse from the same stable, this book is one of a slightly different colour, but sharing a common philosophy that applies to self-preservation in any time and any place. For everything you will read here is predicated on one very specific point, summed up in two sentences you’ll encounter very early on — “You are the one who determines if your life is worth fighting for and, quite possibly, killing for. You determine if your life is worth living and, in certain situations, that of your family and loved ones.” There it is! In no other endeavour is it considered prudent to avoid all preparation aimed at surviving life or death situations, and yet it is all too common for the eyes and mind to be averted in hope that, “It won’t happen to me.” Well, there is advice in this book intended to help the reader minimize the chance that it ever will, but the time to decide if you can learn and unleash violence against another human being is now, and not in the moment of truth. It is quite rightly said that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away, and the only true “first responder” is that one standing before the threat. We live in a time when the aged and infirm, pregnant women or mothers with young children, none can expect their station in life to guarantee mercy and decent conduct from all they may come to encounter; but, you can be aware. By your wiles and actions, you can confound the predator, and in extremis, you can fight. Fight to win, good reader, and accepting as you must that even the strongest and best prepared may still lose, resolve that if you do, your foe will join you in defeat. Drink deep.

For more info on author and to order autographed book, visit http://www.hanshi.com

Also available for purchase at Amazon

Also available as Kindle eBook



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