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Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-Defense

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From Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-Defense

Why this book is NON-ILLUSTRATED

A picture may be worth a 1000 words, but a well-placed, exemplary word, and expertly defined eliminates the need for a picture when it represents an abstract idea rather than a concrete representation that can be misunderstood.

While pictures can and do, in some instances, illustrate a particular idea, keep in mind that in the earliest stages of development, words are the manner of communicating ideas from the purest source of mental development. A great deal of thought has gone into this non-illustrated approach and agreed to by many of the world’s leading experts in martialist training.

You do not need a picture of what a foreknuckle is. You do not need a picture of what a knee is or, for that matter, what a jab into someone’s eyes with your fingers is. You know that intuitively, instinctively, and just from being aware of the different parts of your body.

Pictures, in many instances, limit the ability of the imagination to define its own reality. No one has to tell you how to use a knife and a fork. Even in a society that does not use such implements, a sharp stick will always suffice to stab the food before putting it into your mouth.

This book will change your entire perspective on the subject presented for your own desired level of mastery. It will force you think and, in that manner, you will become that much more effective, efficient, and secure.

Proceeding through this method, you will become aware of positive physical changes in muscle tone and revitalized physical strength based on how you practice, thereby making you more efficient and effective. The emphasis on breathing will enable correct massaging of your internal organs, giving them the oxygen needed. A warm-up plan is included to get your blood flowing.

Before starting, you should realize that anyone can attack anyone for any reason and at any time; therefore, it is necessary to understand yourself regarding a physical attack. Knowing how to do this will also assist you in getting out of adverse situations quickly and safely, mostly without having to physically deal with confrontations.

Follow the text carefully and think about what you are going to do before you proceed to execute the techniques. Write down any questions you have and, after your workout, read them back to yourself. You will find that as your mind and body become familiar with new functions, the answers will reveal themselves.

Think of self-defense and safety consciousness as a life-enhancing learning process that increases overall confidence: mentally and physically. Throughout the book, I will refer to and explain an attitude called Maintaining the Spirit of Life. This is a basic idea associated with self-preservation.


Check out the testimonials from Hanshi Frank Dux,

G/M Rick Lenchus, G/M Irving Soto.



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