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Self-Revealization Acceptance Newsletter – #2

Welcome to the second edition of the Self-Revealization Acceptance® newsletter. This issue explains What the Spirit of the Thing Itself is and Weekly Ascension #2 titled I Change My World. The Self-Revealization Acceptance® newsletter specifically focuses on S-R-A reality facilitation in theory and practice. Each edition incorporates a continuing lesson and a weekly acceptance.

Should you want to contact me, email selfrevealization@gmail.com

Click here to read the entire newsletter. I trust will find value in my work.

sra letter 2 (1)


Rev. Dr. Stephen F. Kaufman, Founder and Master of Self-Revealization Acceptance® teaches you to enhance your personal definitions empowering you with answers that are realistic, practical, proven reality facilitation methods. Self-Revealization Acceptance® is the first and foremost reality facilitation concept ever presented to the modern world. Conceived in 1993, the method has since become the most imitated reality facilitation system for professionals and everyday people to develop new life enhancements. Self-Revealization Acceptance®. is a profound, original concept (patent pending) and has helped thousands of people put their lives in order with ease and grace without interfering with personal core beliefs. Self-Revealization Acceptance® empowers a person to make permanent, positive changes in their life. Rev. Kaufman is an internationally recognized authority on the practice of empowering people to rid themselves of inherent and self-imposed fears that destroy their desire to “live their lives in joy and freedom.”


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