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Speculation of the Beyond

Speculation of the Beyond


Stephen F. Kaufman


speculations of the beyond

non-linear thinking

in and out of wormhole consciousness and cognizance

no past present future

non-dimensional realities

non-dimensional other realities

being inside the outside

abstract solidity generator

the cube

infinity is in the finite

causation is non-existent

substance of emanation

all emanation is no-thing

this and that have no need to be detached

transition is the finality of linear existence

not a physical morph

not a mental morph

not a spiritual morph

all done at one

every where as continuum

no beginning

no ending

no now

no start

no finish

no who

no what

not in you

not out you


Linear existence works as a time line with points of space of past, present, and future. Speculation of the future is predicated on known experiences. Due to the infinite varieties of possibility, it is impossible to determine any specific outcome for any set of circumstances regardless of desire or will.

Non-linear existence is not based on time or space to determine a specific outcome. It may or may not be controlled by previous experience at a current point in consciousness, but it cannot be changed by accordant thinking.

A linear situation is defined by being at a point of cognition, and future outcomes can be circumstantial only through past experience. Linear existence is hyperreal.

A non-linear situation, without the need to experience any known aspect outside of a particular desire, may manifest at will. Non-linear existence is hypothetical.

We relate to linearity because of sense cognizance, though in various philosophies it is considered illusion. Non-linearity can be thought of only through conjecture, hence the anomaly of wishful thinking. There is no empirical proof of non-linearity as a functional reality because it is not based on tangibility. Nonetheless, there is no conclusive proof that non-linearity existence does not exist. If we consider the possibility that linearity exists as an illusion, then there is no reason not to think in terms of functional and viable non-linearity. This takes into account the reality of time travel—the so-called wormhole. In my view non-linearity thinking does exist, excepting only that correct correlation of consciousness has not been discovered to date—maybe.

Psychic explorers, occultists, astral travelers, etal, confirm otherwise. Dream studies suggest that impressions received in sleep can be thought of as cognition of alternate dimensions and universes, all simultaneously co-existing. The expression “a dream come true” is evidence, even if only in the mind of the dreamer. There are different types of dreams, including: day-dreaming, participatory dreaming:  dreams where the dreamer awakens inside of the dream scenario, and predetermined dreams: dreams that are consciously constructed before the dreamer goes to bed.

Cybernetic research has gotten well beyond the limitations of human thought and, in many instances, silicon-based entities along with human fantasy predict with astonishing credibility excellent prognostications of futuristic outcomes. It would be through quantum leaps of consciousness, NOT faith or beliefs, that defining outcomes as definable and determinable could be predictable as an aspect of genius. Allegedly, genius is an acknowledgeable fact; however, caution is a requisite not to base so called genius on vainglorious wishful thinking and hoping: two abstract notions that restrict true freedom of expression. A tool for this is Self-Revealization Acceptance: the absolute manifestation of physical desire developed through a process of reality facilitation.

The closest we can come in our current limited intelligence is the development of advanced perceptions through meditation of the beyond. It remains to learn the parameters of infinity as a finite plane and use that knowledge until it becomes a workable form prior to manifesting anything real through the emanation of substance, through acceptance of other dimensions. This, then, is the essence of non-linear existence. It becomes required to know and realize that all things come from without, NOT from within, and this includes thought on physical and spiritual planes. Internal thought manifests in outward constructs only upon outside contemplation and influence.

Thought comes from without; it comes from a place that is other than the self. That we are able to grasp an idea is evidence of this profound truth. As we convolute an idea—any idea—according to what we must consider our whim, we see the demonstration take place. However, because of whimsical thinking, things do not manifest in perfect realization. Care must be taken to not limit the expression of the ideal to the non-physical. We live in a material universe. The universe IS physical, including thought. In cognizant form alternate universes and dimensions can be experienced, but not in the commonly thought of concepts of here and now. The unconceivable (sic) is experiential and is conclusive as well beyond the idea of conclusion. I seek that as a transformative reality.

 © SFK 10/28/15




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