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This is a Wonderful Day

Here is an SRA that I personally use everyday. It keeps me focused on what I think is important in my own life and prevents me from falling into the morass of indifference and mediocrity.

from Self-Revealization Acceptance. A gift for all of you.


This is a Wonderful Day

I accept this day as a gift that brings along with it wonderful new opportunities and good news. Things that I have been wanting and waiting for appear and gladly I welcome them. I am prepared for joy and freedom on all levels, to successfully deal with all things and the results are always in my favor for the benefit of all concerned. I am free of any and all apprehension as I move forward into a higher realm of living my live by my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.
Today is a good day. I accomplish much as I move ahead to experience more recognition of my work, new opportunities, and increased financial freedom, all the while sustained and maintained in perfect mind and body. I greet all people with joy and a feeling and knowingness of accomplishment that elevates my life and productivity. My spirit soars.
Everyone I meet and speak with today is glad to have me in his or her lives. They want me to be a part of their joy and freedom and they look to me for guidance and direction. Today I accomplish many great things.
I accept my great gifts with gratitude and thank the Creative Power of the Universe for them. I accept my rewards with a smile and I go and come in perfect safety and without delay. I am the Spirit of the Thing Itself of this wonderful day.

©Stephen F. Kaufman

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