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Are Our Destinies Predetermined?

From the Teachings of Hanshi Kaufman

Student: Sensei, do you believe our destinies are predetermined?

Sensei: That goes back to the old fate and free will paradigm, yin and yang nonsense. I no longer allow myself to harass my brain into thinking on those levels and merely accept things, as they are with what little influence I think I can exert on personal outcomes. It makes no sense to question anything that has no definitive resolve. Whatever it is that directs and controls our destinies is aleatory; chance, that many people consider being luck or no-luck. Everything in the universe has already been created and our ‘minds’ intercept random ideas as thoughts occur for whatever reason. We just happen to stop a particular idea in our heads and then act or not act on it by letting it happen or passing on it. Lineage and matters of that sort are just extensions of vibrations that manifest into different scenarios.

Student: But I’ve had several déjà vu experiences in my life. Like I’ve already been somewhere or done something. Sometimes parts of my dreams become my reality. It could take days, weeks, months or years, but I know that some dreams literally become a part of my future. I’m not saying I can see the future, but on some level I do experience ‘visions’ of something that will happen eventually. So, sometimes when I’ve had a bad dream, I ponder the thought of it eventually manifesting itself into my life somewhere down the road. Even good dreams. Perhaps my subconscious already knows future decisions, the choices I will make.

Sensei: That is why it is best to remain a child (rescind your adulthood, but not your integrity, honor, blah, blah) and not pursue wisdom and other meaningless ideals. Merely, and yes, I mean merely, pursue what gives pleasure and maintain the responsibility of perfecting yourself through that one particular thing. Such as being the finest this or that you can conceive of being and let the Spirit of the Thing Itself express through you without you trying to tell it what to do. Things will ‘happen,’ or they won’t. See the evolution of your own existence and desires and don’t worry about karma, Freud, or any other meaningless bullshit. Let the wardens of other entrapments care for the allegedly insane, et al. It is also best to recognize situations, resolve them, and simply move on into your next self-imposed fantasy. However, never forget that you physically live in a material universe and that to deny yourself material comforts is stupid in an attempt to become ‘one’ with the universe. Enjoying yourself without guilt is true enlightenment.

2015 SFKaufman

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com


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