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An Answer to My Negative Critics

My two books, Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, are STILL best-selling versions worldwide after 22 years. There must be a reason. Despite the petty negative reviews on Amazon, which I ignore, the fact remains that what I have written and taught is without doubt the truest expression of the ideals given to all of us by Musashi and Sun Tzu. They have become de facto standards. This is, as well, corroborated and acknowledged by the highest ranking practitioners of the martial arts throughout the world. Questions about my rank and authority have been questioned since I began teaching nearly sixty (60) years ago, and guess what? I’m still here!

Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman,
Founder and Master, Hebi Ryu Budo

RingsArt of War





For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com


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