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Hanshi Warrior Press September Book Deal


As featured on John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight

new lady ringsThe Lady of the Rings – Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women


Hanshi Kaufman taught the principles of the “Rings” to Ann Davis, a successful restauranteur, over a period of time when she was dealing with issues that occur in every person seeking answers to the so- called difficulties in life. The book expresses in Ann’s words her feelings towards life based on Musashi’s universal ideas that override any form of prejudice. It is an expose of a woman coming to terms with her own reality. Stephen Kaufman captures her sensitivity as only a master teacher and writer can. Read more: http://ladyrings.weebly.com


Zzash coverHomage for Miyamoto Musashi – One Hundred Twenty-Two Original Haiku


In this brief volume, the author has created a series of haiku in classical 5,7,5 meter to celebrate the most profound sword master, Miyamoto Musashi. The inordinate influence of Musashi, who many consider to be kensei, the sword saint, uniquely taught with firm intention and endeavor the manners, methods, and morés that all of humanity should strive to live by. The work is formatted with three sections for each haiku. You will read the English, notice the Japanese calligraphy and, finally, the actual Romanization of the translation. Note: the 5,7,5 format in English is not to be confused with the same syllabic order in the Japanese tongue. Read more: http://homage-for-musashi.weekbly.com


A $26.90 value, books are autographed and personalized


Package Price for both books only $18.00 plus $3.00 postage

 Order from hanshi.com



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