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Newly Revised Edition of “The Sword in the Boardroom”

new sordroom cover

Now Available!

The Sword in the Boardroom –

Sun Tzu, Musashi, and Kaufman on “Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned”

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Book Sample



Sun Tzu – It is wise to understand your personal motives for doing things and preventing haphazard approaches to your goal. Your beliefs should be written down for periodic review while continually rooting them into your higher mind. This gives you the ability to redefine them when deemed necessary to other ideas about the same thing being revealed from any source. Whether or not you agree or disagree with new ideas, your old ideas must be kept in order until they are consciously changed to better your condition. For example, whenever you prepare to talk to your captains, even though you can easily verbalize your desires, it is best to have a written plan to prevent any misunderstanding and they should all receive abbreviated copies of it. In this way, you may see what is coming with more control while developing and maintaining successful strategies throughout your campaigns. Additionally, you won’t lose sight of what is to be accomplished without having to resort to memory and possibly becoming lazy in your thinking.

Kaufman – The Determined should always write five variations of an idea and think about them deeply before taking any action. You must see those that are viable and those that are only the result of fantasy. It is important to know about things that exist and things that do not. Examining your personal motives will give you the added strength of truly knowing what you wish to accomplish. It is wise to do the same for yourself. By using your own words to express your feelings you will quickly see if you are saying the same thing in more than one way, thereby confusing the issue. In the following chart about your thoughts on perfection, do not use one-word answers. Sentences give full meaning to your thoughts and illuminate your thinking about what you feel and think an idea actually is as it pertains to your desires. When you use language properly, you can firmly express your exact intentions, especially to yourself. When you completely understand what you are telling yourself, it follows that others will as well. Whether or not they agree is not the issue: you have to know what you are talking about. List five ideas or concepts of perfection, as you know it. Do not use the words of Musashi, Sun Tzu, myself, or any of your colleagues. Use your own mind.

Musashi – Perfection is best described as what you see yourself doing and how you are doing it in relation to anything being done. It should not be based on what you have read in philosophy books about attainment. Defining what perfection means to you will lead you towards a newer understanding of yourself. After having listed five, delete the one that is the most meaningless: then the second, the third, and the fourth. What you are left with is the reality of perfection as it manifests in your life. Define your last statement to include all of the aspects you prefer perfection to be. Write this last definition on a separate piece of paper and use it as a constant reminder. This is a good exercise to include in every decision you contemplate. It eliminates any chance of missing your own point and confusing those that are under your command. Moreover, you must never permit subordinates to interpret your directives. They will think you are giving them license to do as they please and will execute your orders for their own convenience. You never want this to happen.

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