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The Nature of Weapons and the Main Objective in High Power Negotiations

Sword in the BoardroomThe Nature of Weapons and the Main Objective

An excerpt from The Sword in the Boardroom –  A synthesis of the teachings of Musashi, Sun Tzu, and Hanshi Kaufman, as it relates to business strategy.

Kaufman – To properly negotiate, you must thoroughly understand the nature of your weapons, whether they be mechanical devices or intellectual concepts as they relate to the main objective. This knowledge will ensure success by their proper use. If you choose a new device, and by knowing in your heart the nature of your choice, you will be empowered to win. Being aware of your mission as an extension of your soul helps you in that you leave nothing to chance to the degree you are functional. It is also important to know the weaknesses of your weapons and be able to turn them to your advantage. It is easy to turn a negative into a positive if you know the parameters of the situation. It is important to consider this attitude.

Sun Tzu – When you think in terms of what being unprepared can cost, you will save yourself unnecessary annoyance and inconvenience for having overlooked a basic need. This basic need is always more than money and time, and not acknowledging it will permit reinforcement of the same thing to happen again. It is essential to plan and attack with full conviction letting the natural course of events develop.

Musashi – Adequate preparation will help you remain calm regardless of circumstance. Meditate on being calm and poised at all times. It will serve you well when applying your skills to intense situations. Do not become confused with techniques contrived from arrogance. Eventually, they will fail under pressure. Keep away from techniques that do not fit the situation. Do not use a soup spoon to eat fish.


What would have happened if Sun Tzu, Musashi, and Kaufman met and conversed on the art of negotiation in high-power deal making and enterprise control? The Sword in the Boardroom talks about all of their ideas, clearly and with functionality for today’s world.

For more about the author, Stephen F. Kaufman, and to order books, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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