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Letter to President Obama

Mr. President, try understanding that America is the greatest society on the planet and, more than likely, ever before in the history of civilization. Tell your puppet masters to step back and think about something besides their portfolios and consider the needs of “We the People.” You are completely out of touch and, given your personal history, this becomes more and more obvious. Of course this may all be part of a grand deception, but by refusing to call a spade a spade, you are undermining the basic tenet of our American way of life and bringing down upon us the wrath and derision of the entire world. You refuse to understand the situation and permit charlatans to dictate policy.
Among other travesties, it is astonishing that you have determined a job program as a requirement for world peace, when you cannot or will not provide for “We the People.” Given the situation that you are exacerbating, America is globally embroiled in a manner that suggests an employee unhappy with his work should kill the CEO.
You are aiding and abetting the enemy! You use rhetoric and encourage your underlings to do the same in an attempt to assuage an ever-growing populace that demands action to be able to protect their hearth and home. You just don’t get it, or maybe you do, choosing to ignore it but seeing the greatest civilization as becoming extinct is a faux, one based on blind jargon.
Yes, I do have the correct answer to the problem, as I am sure a major portion of “We the People” do, as well—not something that can be construed as right or wrong—moral or not—not Democrat or Republican, but specifically how this issue must be addressed and quickly resolved.
Yes, boots on the ground, but not overwhelmingly ours. What about your so-called coalition? Let’s see the rest of the work do something for a change. Let the Muslims fight on their own land. Sure, send in advisory troops because your coalition soldiers are apparently inadequate to do the job without our money and expertise; they have more idle cash than the vast majority of the world’s economies. Let them use their own. For every ten American boots, let them put 1000 of their own on the ground. Sincerity is its own premise.

© Stephen F. Kaufman



Art of War


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