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A Warrior’s Plaint


Oh, that I would bend my bow and vanquish an ignoble foe
Presuming to interfere with my delight on any day or night
I keep my peace and with stalwart poise I maintain my piece
Warrior brethren in the field and families alone without a shield
My snorting stallion and if not then my Spanish galleon
I rise and attack from their rear with noise in front so they do not hear
Never they know I come and then away I destroy them in my blessed way
My peace is kept and is never a waste as windswept
My blood I bleed if need be need
I think not of right or wrong but only of the heavenly guided deed
And so when I pass I have nurtured my seed

© Hanshi Stephen Kaufman 2014



One comment on “A Warrior’s Plaint

  1. Your posts contain positive information about setting up the spirit in which their value

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