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Celebration of Kuroshi-Do Martial Arts System

Kuroshi-do 40th Anniversary Banquet, November 4, 2014, in Queens, N.Y.

I have been to many events over the years, and I must say without hesitation that the Kuroshi-do 40th Anniversary banquet is without doubt probably the best I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Class, style, professionalism, camaraderie ….  I thank all who put this gala event together and look ahead to being associated for many years to come. An absolutely incredible event! I am honored to have been there and to have met many new people that I had only heard the names of. In attendance at the festivities were many notables including Soke Papasan Canty, Soke Hasian Kaleek, Soke Lusayne Steve Alston, Hanshi Nikwan Murphy, Sifu Alan Goldberg, Lisa West, Hanshi Rico Guy, Grandmaster Mychal Sledge, Kysohi Penny Johnson, plus many other contributors to the growth and development of Kuroshi-Do System. Ous. Here’s a few snapshots of the many attendees and martial arts personalities who attended, including myself.

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com

cakemurphy guy kaufmantable 1gberg westcanty guybookcert 1




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