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Madness in Great Ones

“Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.” Hamlet

Consider the madness of great ones and don’t think for one second that brilliance does not have to hide in shadows so that its tears can run freely from anger, frustration, and shame. Then, with some untold infusion of enlightenment, the process begins again and again as each new revelation causes more anguish then previously known. Each exposition that great ones teach is, by necessity, misunderstood as castigation upon castigation is levied toward the great one. No, it is not ego unbridled that fuels the passion, but rather the culmination of self demanding that the infinite reveal its true nature and to have mercy upon the seeker for the arrogance implied by the question. There is no peace for great ones; that is only for the timid and the fearful. And love does not wash away the horror on either account … it exacerbates it.

© Stephen F. Kaufman 2014


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