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Delimiting an Albatross

Delimiting An Albatross

If you don’t acknowledge and accept within a separation between yourself and what is annoying you, it will be like having an albatross hanging around your neck.

What you must do is welcome the disturbance by denying the idea of it any authority in your life. By doing so, you will put it on the defensive, causing it to lose balance in your psyche. You will then be able to readily destroy the notion of its influence in your life. ~sfk (c)

Below is a Self-Revealization Acceptance chat based on my posting of Delimiting an Albatross.
Query from a doctor in Sibsagar, a state in Assam, India.

Question: Sir, I have tried that. I always tried to remove all the disturbing things from my mind just the way u have mentioned. But, still there r times, perhaps weak moments, where those dead thoughts start breathing again and even take mental peace away. Is there any way to neutralize those disturbing thoughts completely so that it can never move our minds?

Hanshi: No, not on the finite plane; however, with continued awareness of the situation you are remedying, the influence will become that much more meaningless depending on the extent of the trauma the experience brought about in the first place. You will learn that with Self-Revealization Acceptance, once you have denigrated the authority of the disturbance, it will be much easier to instantly rid yourself of any further intrusion. To clarify any misinterpretation of my statement, understand as well that when a certain level of consciousness is attained, ‘instant and permanent karma’ can be realized. It works on both physical and non-physical levels, i.e., dissolution of migraines, certain other physical anomalies, and according to the level of your personal attainment of healing desire, you could heal any disease or dis-ease.

Third person: If I understand correctly we’re not putting the disturbance out of our mind, we are aggressively telling it to f**k off.

Hanshi: No, aggression would only fuel its temperament and control. You have to make a friend of it. Without getting saccharin, friends will generally do what you ask of them.

Third person: So acknowledge it and tell it play quietly by itself!

Hanshi: Good way to put it, but be sure to tell it to play outside.


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