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New Book Release from Hanshi Warrior Press

ZnapoleonHanshi Warrior Press is proud to announce the release of Napoleon Means Business – The Art of Business Based on the Maxims of Napoleon.

The Art of Business Based on the Maxims of Napoleon is a project undertaken by the author to present one of the most illustrious generals in history as a proponent of success in any area of endeavor. Restructuring the words of Napoleon empowers the reader to take advantage of strong military ideals and transform them into business models that have been utilized by other great leaders throughout history. The commonality of the precepts have generally been ascribed to Asian influence, but in this book the Western mentality for venture and success is adroitly used and eliminates the Eastern mindset used as the standard in works of this type. Taking each of the historically accurate maxims accredited to Napoleon, the author explains how to apply the principles of inordinate accomplishment from a commercial perspective in terms easy to understand that anyone can apply to any aspect of their life.

Available as Kindle eBook edition. Paperback edition to be released at a future date.


For more info on the author, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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