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Action Martial Arts Magazine Mega Event

What an amazing time in Atlantic City, at the 2014 Action Martial Arts Magazine Mega Event! The Tropicana was filled to capacity, and if you missed out on this one, you should start planning for the 2015 event which promises to be even bigger than ever – The Worlds Largest Martial Arts Expo. I will certianly be there and I will be receiving an award. (I won’t reveal it here.)
Here is just a sampling of the shots taken with myself and various major names in the community. For a ton more photos, visit my facebook/hanshi422 page. I am presently working on significant video interviews with scads more fold and, after finalization, I will post them on my Youtube page.
Fred Williamson
Hanshi Kaufman (left) and Fred Williamson
Hayes Kaufman
 Hanshi Kaufman (right) and Stephen Hayes
Lau Kaufman
Hanshi Kaufman (right) and Jason Lau
Kaufman Shuey2
Hanshi Kaufman (left) and Mark Shuey
Kaufman Urquidez
Hanshi Kaufman (left) and Benny “the Jet” Urquidez
VanClief Kaufman
Hanshi Kaufman (right) and Ron Van Clief
Visit my homepage: www.hanshi.com

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