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Self-Revealization Acceptance for Prosperity

Many of my followers have asked me to give more examples of my Self-Revealization Acceptance concept. Here is a brand new SRA that anyone can use to create their own realities. Remember that YOU have the creative power to manifest what you truly desire. It is your Divine Right to live in joy and freedom.

Self-Revealization Acceptance for Prosperity

There is one complete intelligence in the universe, the Creative Power of the Universe, and I am an extension of that in all aspects, known and not known. The one profound Intelligence, the Creative Power of the Universe, creates all things to prosper. It doesn’t create to destroy or deny. All of Its creations are direct extensions and emanations of Its own perfection of joy, success, and freedom, and I declare that I am all of that. In all of my endeavors, I prosper. I am led step-by-step into opportunity that unfolds in every way, including the right people, the right circumstances, and the ever increasing financial resources to see all of my desires manifest in fulfillment. I am paid well and constantly increase my own worth and good with no negative interference from or by myself, anyone, or anything. I go forward without restriction or delay, without impediment or detour, without false hope or subterfuge, by anyone or anything. The authority of my self-revealization acceptances and my developed skills and techniques flower anew in ever greater form, bringing to me all that I need to realize my ambitions, and it will not be otherwise. This is all done, right now, without restriction or delay, as all of my needs are met and all of my wants are fulfilled. As this great truth is demonstrated and made manifest in my life, right here and now, I continue without let up to thank the Creative Power of the Universe and the Spirit of the Thing Itself of Prosperity and all things good in my life. It is so done!

© Stephen F. Kaufman, 2013

For further understanding and reading, seek out my Self-Revealization Acceptance series books at hanshi.com

Intro SRA52 SRA


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