Does Life Last Forever?




2 comments on “Does Life Last Forever?

  1. In infinite amount of anything, including [conscious] life, makes any amount of it worthless. If our conscious life lasts forever (as many religions suggest), I contend that it is not life at all, but mere existence. After all, while the extent of possible achievements is a countable infinity, the everlasting life is the largest form of uncountable infinity. That means that we would exist long after everything that could be done, has been done. I do not wish to go through that experience. However, our atoms and everything that makes us, us will live on for the life of the Universe. That fact is amazingly beautiful to me.

  2. Nothing could exist after everything that could be done had been done. There would be no need for it except for our alleged fear of the unknown and ego extinguishment, conscious or otherwise, including parlor tricks that we foist upon ourselves. Our atoms and everything that makes us will live on is meaningless and is based on paranoia. There is no such thing as yin yang, which is not to suggest that yin yang do not exist. The Creative Power of the Universe does as IT (sic) will. To truly be free, cease seeking ‘free’ and, while you are ‘here,’ just concern yourself with paying your rent. Read my book, Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.

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