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Hanshi Kaufman’s Central Park Dojo

new cp dojo


The return of the legendary workouts…


Karate, Iaido, Sai, Kenjutsu, Stick fighting, Self-defense

What we practice on any given day is what I feel like working on, so bring bokken, stick, sai, etc. NO LIVE WEAPONS, i.e., knives, steel swords, etc. Wear sneakers and comfortable clothes. (I shouldn’t have to tell you this but, you’d be surprised.) No gis, no challenges, no vendettas, no bullshit … I’m too old for that crap. Just straight ahead hardcore martialist training.

Meet at park entrance on 5th Ave and E 76th St at 0700. Workouts will begin at 0715 for at least an hour to an hour and a half, maybe longer, depending on how I feel and depending on the weather. (I am not into any macho bullshit about working in the snow and rain or freezing cold any more. Been there, Done that. It sucks!) Watch my tweets on twitter to see what days I am there. Could be any day of the week.

Donations are appreciated. (If you really want to be my friend, bring me a regular, no sugar, half and half with a buttered sesame bagel [no schmear] or cheese danish.)


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