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Courses and Seminars in Life Enhancement Skills

What follows is my latest catalog of Courses and Seminars in Life Enhancement Skills, based on the teachings of a few of my published books. For more information or to receive the complete, color catalog of courses, contact the author via his homepage, hanshi.com

The Sword in the Boardroom

”Winning for the benefit of all concerned”—There is no other way!

The Sword in the Boardroom courses and workshops synthesize the teachings of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, presenting the views of the masters to address realistic and personal management strategy solutions. Mr. Kaufman focuses on individual growth to develop viable business and political negotiation skills for functional use in today’s highly competitive and interactive world. His style is a contemporary approach based on the premises of integrity, sincerity of intent, honesty, mutual trust, and morality to concur with the needs of the target goal and overall group outcome. Timeless universal truths are based on Mr. Kaufman’s philosophy that stresses “winning for the benefit of all concerned” as the correct and only way to effectively and efficiently accomplish goals in an ever changing global consciousness. Seminar presentations include focus on:

Attitudes Needed for Personal Victory

High Power Deal Making and Enterprise Control

Developing Management Protocols

Effectively Assessing the Opposition

Evaluating Personal Motivation

Focused and Effective Planning

Proper Treatment of Staff

Maintaining Control of Circumstances

Sun Tzu’s Art of War

A Model For Contemporary Management: Business and Personal

Perhaps the world’s best known treatise on strategy and written by Sun Tzu nearly 2500 years ago, these principles are applicable to the multi-cultural world today, as they ever were, on any field of combat. Sun Tzu’s principles of The Art of War are taught in the proper manner for dealing with people—friends and enemies alike—while gaining all that is personally desired. Courses and workshops are perfect for today’s goal intensive corporate, military, and legal firms. The following topics include and are made relevant to the specific requirements of the class. Mr. Kaufman’s text is required.

Sun Tzu and an Overview of the Work

Why the Art of War is Important in Today’s Society

How to Study and Understand the Art of War

Why Conflict is Essential to Progress

Primary Considerations for Conflict

Preparations for War

Let Your Enemies Kill Themselves

The Nature of Attacks

How to Think of War

Using the Power of Heaven

Fortitude and Frailty

Manipulation of Circumstance

The Reality of Deception

The Virtue of Changing Position

Control and Maintenance of Territory

Conducting and Managing Campaigns

Fierceness in Combat and Negotiation

Effective Use of Spies and Traitors

Musashi’s Book of Five Rings

Personal Development for Focused Accomplishment

This course and workshop focuses on the fundamentals of personal morality and the proper usage of intelligent tactics for exceptional success in all endeavors. Beginning with why Musashi is vitally important in today’s world, Mr. Kaufman continues with an explanation of basic warrior concepts of responsibility and integrity to enhance an individual’s awareness for productivity, personal self-acceptance, and ascension. The Book of Five Rings presentation is structured on the five levels representing universal elements: earth, water, fire, wind, and no-thing.

Earth: No Man is Invincible, Why Constant Practice is Essential, The Value of All Arts is Found in the

Mastery of One, Understanding the Spirit of the Thing Itself, One Tool—Many Strategies, Techniques Used in Strategy, Timing and Rhythm, Attaining Individual Perfection, and Nine Fundamental Tenets of Personal Morality.

Water: Strategy Revealed, The Number of Obstacles is Irrelevant, Correct Spiritual and Physical Bearing, Standing in Readiness, Looking Through the Challenge, Understanding the Nature of Conflict, Attack -No-Attack, Becoming the Challenge, No Thought—No Idea, Bashful Butterflies, Being Bigger Than the Challenge, Tenacity, Diversion, Driving Straight to the Heart from the Heart, Humiliating the Prevailing Condition, Slapping away Objections, Challenges Will Continue to Come.

Fire: Igniting the Fires of Passion, Practice and Real Application are the Same Thing, Strategies for Control, Knowing the Right Time, Negating an Obstacle’s Authority, Collapsing the Opposition’s Resolve, Maintaining Balance, Scaring the Negative Condition Away, Chipping Away at the Edges of Mediocrity, Confusion and Chaos, Developing Internal Desire for Accomplishment.

Wind: Strategies That Use Unconventional Ideas, Odd Methods of Strategy, Fixing Eyes and Soul on the Goal, Stupidity of Fancy Footwork, Power and Quickness—Not Strength and Speed, Inner and Outer Attitudes.

No-Thing-Ness: Disavowing Preconceived Notions and Ideas, Detachment.

Meditations on the Tao Te Ching

Life Change Empowerment Through Business and Personal Excellence

The Living Tao teaches methods and understanding to use the ancient truths of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching for personal and cooperative advantage. The proper perspective of the Tao and a harmonious life is simple to attain with consciousness and awareness and is explained with intelligent and realistic examples that result in serenity, contentment, increased productivity, and peace of mind—all accomplished with ease and grace.

Mr. Kaufman’s innate and studied understanding of the subject matter empowers him to address everyday challenges faced by individuals experiencing confusion and discord in relationships with themselves and others while explaining the simple truths that make life worth living. By using ancient wisdom in the modern world, and without sacrificing one’s beliefs, the proper perspective of Taoism is explained for contemporary thought with intelligent and functional approaches that result in measurable changes in one’s life and the enjoyment thereof. Participants learn that life can be lived with joy and pleasure and that all desires can be attained with ease, grace, and comfort. Topics discussed include:

Effective Decision Making

Personal Rights and Responsibility

Daily Life and Living Meditation


Life Survival Skills

Relationship Enjoyment

Dealing with Life’s Challenges

Peace and Harmony in the Workplace

Spiritual Uplifting

Sincere Approaches to the Needs of Others

Satisfying the Requirements of Tasks

The Shogun’s Scroll

Wield Power and Control Your Destiny

In ancient Japan, the role of shogun was maintenance and control of the entire country regardless of difficulties that could possibly arise. Minamoto Yoritomo, the first recognizable shogun of Japan, did so with savage ferocity and fierce will while Hidetomo Nakadai, a regent and scholar in his court, transcribed these original ideas. The treatise, as taught by Stephen F. Kaufman, can be used as a guide for personal development and business goal motivation where controlling all aspects of the realm is essential to drawing your next breath.

How Power Comes to Be

Why Combining Domains Causes Conflict

When You Command, Everyone Will Know It by Your Actions

Deception is a Developed Art

People Dislike Change Unless They Institute It Themselves

The Shogun MUST Evoke Respect Through Fear

Loyalty is Always Based on Personal Gain—Nothing Else

Acting with Total Authority and Conviction

The Intelligent Application of Cruelty

Liberality Breeds Intemperance; Miserliness Breeds Wealth

Revenge is a Virtuous Act When Properly Administered

Granting of Favors

Controlling by Your Own Abilities

The Emperor’s Good Graces

Mercenary and Auxiliary Troops

Why Shoguns are Praised Little and Blamed Much

The Absolute Necessity of Protocol

Making Yourself Understood

Countermanding Orders

The Deadliness of Arrogance, Conceit, and False Pride

Self-Revealization Acceptance

Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom

Stephen F. Kaufman has discovered that the true secret to winning the so called battles of life is not in understanding why things happen, or why they don’t, but rather in knowing what you want and accepting it as already done by your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. Stephen F. Kaufman’s teaches how to control the Creative Power of the Universe and the Spirit of the Thing Itself so desired that empowers students to develop complete and total self-reliance, along with the ability to experience exactly what is wanted and when it is wanted. Self-Revealization Acceptance abundantly clarifies the method and technique without delving into or swaying personal, religious belief. Topics covered include:

What Self-Revealization Acceptance is and How to Make It Work

What the Spirit of the Thing Itself is and How to Understand It

Why Selfishness is Good and How to Develop It in Pure Form

Igniting the Fires of Passion to Incite You to Accomplishment

Annihilating Negative Sentiment and Deconstructing Manipulative Grace

Acceptance of Ease and Grace in All Endeavors

You Will Now or You Wont Later and Will Power Ain’t Gonna Do It

Why Burning Bridges Behind You is Essential

The Importance of Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Say It—Don’t Pray It

You reap what You KNOW—Not What You Sow

Clarity of Purpose and Fullness of Acceptance

Escaping from the Morass of Indifference and Mediocrity

Accepting Lavishness and Limitlessness in Your Life

Multiple Acceptance—One Goal, Two Targets

Healing Acceptance for Others in the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Universe

Knowing It is Done by Virtue of Being

Enjoying Your Good Bounty

Sword in the BoardroomArt of WarRingsLiving TaoShogun's ScrollIntro SRA52 SRA


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