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Stop the Fantasies That Debilitate Accomplishment

Stop the Fantasies That Debilitate Accomplishment


Stephen F. Kaufman, Founder and Master of

Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Stop wasting energy that drains your sense of self and forces you to deal with false scenarios, but do not confuse mundane fantasies with the true use of your imagination. Imagination is what keeps you going and creates new opportunities that free you up to visualize ideas, essential and germane, to your accomplishments. Imagination is a requirement for the ascension to new levels of consciousness, but make sure to avoid any form of mental reservation that impedes your progress. Mental reservation is a mindset that throws limiting ideas into your consciousness, often sending a message to you that, regardless of what you try to do, it will not succeed. One of the objects of mental reservation is to reinforce in you the need to acquiesce to negative sentiment and manipulative grace. It is essential to break away from all forms of manipulative grace and to eradicate all forms of negative sentiment.

To eradicate most forms of negative sentiment and manipulative grace is not always easy to do because of the life style that you have lived for a great deal of your lifetime. In addition, those who are part of your riddance mindset will always find a way to ridicule you and have hissy fits about your behavior and conduct. The truth is that, if in fact these “hissy-fitters” were of any true value to you, they wouldn’t be on your “hit” list. Regardless of the seemingly impossible traumas you have experienced, you must endeavor to let it all go, as it is no longer a benefit for you to keep and, as Dylan says, “get a dump truck, Baby, to unload your head.” There are times, however, and on the contrary, that hideous events as well as good events will always take form and correspond with even the most idealist dreams and notions that you entertain for yourself to experience. It is manifested in what you are and the presentation you make to the world and to yourself; so, it would be to your advantage to maintain some of the past to maintain you in good stead with your own representation.

Though all past issues may have put you into situations that you find yourself in now, it is essential that you break out of your self-imposed limitations regardless of whether or not you acknowledge yourself as the progenitor of your frustration and torment. Break out of it now and live your life by your divine right to live in joy and freedom, and do it now, without any form of mental reservation. The Spirit of the Thing Itself of what you desire will always correspond with your own sincerity.

That you have been brought to this message is indicative of your awareness and preparedness to move forward into a new life style: one that will enhance all of your experiences and one that you deem a requirement for your own sanity and pleasure for experiencing good. No doubt this message will go to many who do not understand or simply those who do not want to bother themselves with the reality of living a life full of joy and freedom on all levels of beingness. Regardless, you are being taught by the master what you need to do and how to think about your new self, without reservation. Ascend to your next level of manifest reality by taking full control of your life without infringing on the rights and needs of others. Do this by learning to respect yourself as never before. Do not become overly concerned with the needs of those who would try to intimidate you into acting on their behalf—not yours—while foisting a false guilt mentality on you that you have previously acceded to because of your old enemies, negative sentiment, and manipulative grace. Should anyone criticize you for your new thinking or attempt to take advantage of your position of worth, gladly tell them to go their own way (nice way to put it) and do that without mental reservation, as well. Remember, they are the ones who have been manipulating you with their impositions of negative sentiment that cause you to act by not acting on your own behalf. Let it all go. Move forward and drop all of the restrictions that are essentially meaningless. It is essential to free yourself from the monotony of self-doubt.

For more clarity of purpose regarding this matter, I refer you to Self-Revealization Acceptance.

© Stephen F. Kaufman

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