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The Intelligent Use OF Faith

Intro SRA from Chapter Four – The Intelligent Use OF Faith

The faith OF something releases the responsibility of the receiving vessel to be aware of any known or unknown limitation of acceptance of its desire. The burden to demonstrate becomes the obligation of the thing desired causing It to release Itself because of Its need to “know” Itself. The Spirit of the Thing Itself opens the receiving vessel to the needed size based on the receiving vessel’s desire to be filled with an abundance OF the desire. This conscious act permits the object of desire to express Itself in, as, and through the receiving vessel.

The above statement is not wordplay. It is a profound concept that must be come to terms with by anyone seeking to elevate themselves to higher levels of reality.

Treat yourself to a new life experience. Read the book.

For more info on the author and to purchase books, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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