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Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned

Sword in the BoardroomMy book, The Sword in the Boardroom, is becoming the accredited, standard synthesis of the teachings of Musashi, Sun Tzu, and myself. It is starting to really take off, and accolades are piling up from many verifiable business and military leaders.

The principles of management and motivation skills for personal and business development are discussed in depth. Using the idea of winning for the benefit of all concerned, and stressing the principles of Musashi and Sun Tzu, the book focuses on empowerment ideas for individuals to ascend to higher levels of accomplishment and explains things in simple terms for everyone to use successfully. Many examples are presented to enhance the reader’s understanding of the fundamental principles of acquiring skills needed to win for the benefit of all concerned, with yourself as the primary recipient of good.

You can receive an autographed copy from my website: http://www.hanshi.com. Seminars are available for all organizations, corporate and non-corporate. Contact me directly at sfk422@gmail.com for more information.

Hanshi’s World – The Sword in the Boardroom: http://youtu.be/4WycxvpDvxE


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