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An Event Not To Have Been Missed

Grandmaster Gary Alexander’s 50th anniversary martial arts tournament, held March 17, 2013, in Somerset, NJ, drew an amazing collection of bona fide “bangers” and masters to the event to show their respect and homage to him. There are rumors that this may have been the last event to be produced by Gary Alexander, but I am sure he will be under heavy pressure from his peers to keep this amazing event going; it is part of our American martial arts legacy to the world.

In attendance were the top karate sensei and kung fu sifu in the New York area. I cannot list everyone who was in attendance, as the list would be too long. Some of the more notable persona were: Renshi Allen Woodman, Hanshi George Alexander, Hanshi Rico Guy, Sifu Alan Goldberg ….

gary event


GM Gary Alexander (left) and GM Aaron Banks


Hanshi Stephen Kaufman (left) and GM Gary Alexander


Hanshi Rico Guy (left) and Hanshi George Alexander


 (from left) Messrs. George Alexander, Allan Goldberg, Rico Guy, Allen Woodman, Stephen Kaufman, Frank Tasetano

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit: http://www.hanshi.com


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