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Simplicity Always Wins Against Sophistication

… from a social media conversation:

Q: I always get confused when trying to determine what is simple in life and what is sophisticated. There are times when I believe the simplest thing to do is to let things happen by themselves, but then I need to understand more fully what simplicity is, and I get lost in trying to develop style and sophistication to my actions. Where am I going astray?

A: Simplicity is sophistication, and it only gets confused when you overlook the absolute reality of no-difference. Essentially, simplicity is at the top of perfection and thereby maintains its own sophistication. Assuming of course that perfection exists … and it does … if you need look for it. Again, keeping in mind that there is no such thing as yin and yang, which is not to suggest that yin and yang does not exist.

Q: So, explain how yin and yang can and can not exist. I feel balance is very much a part of our lives, especially in my own. My sign is Libra and it is the weights of nature in balance. There is dark and light in emotions and feelings, and to know each brings you closer to learning more about your own self and what makes you tick. I am curious as to your view on this.

A: When a person decides that one thing is better than another, distinction is being forced into a situation that may not be of value to anyone or anything. To think that one thing can be better than another limits your ability to understand all that is comprised of the complete matter. This is right; that is wrong; this is good; that is bad. If you force your intentions on others and they are of a different mentality than yours is, you are essentially creating a conflict that may only be rectified by conflict. It is always best to consider the particular needs of another person and see the possibility of working in harmony for the benefit of all concerned if a common goal is desired. Compromise is not a bad thing when it is used to accomplish a greater good, but this takes maturity. Yin and yang also suggests preconceived notions about the way things are supposed to be according to your own self. Others may simply not be in accord with you and would find the simplicity of it all in that what you take for granted is a supposition, and that it is all the truth you need to know.

Q: I like that … thank you for explaining … it make perfect sense. So, in harmony you can create your own balance in your own life …

A: There is no balance in life. That idea is a preconceived intellectual notion that causes more pain than it alleviates, which is why people continually try to achieve it.

Q: Hmmm, I will have to wrap my head around this one because, as you say, we try to achieve something that may not be attainable … opens my eyes to a new way.

A: DON’T wrap your head around anything. Accept your notions and desires as a reality, and you won’t have to think about it in a yin and yang sense.

Q: In Zen, the philosophy is to just be, and I think it is a good philosophy. Why, in our culture, is it so important to try to achieve when, if we just try to be ‘there,’ there is so much less resistance?

A: Better to be ‘here,’ and by so doing you will have made the ultimate choice of your self to live your life in joy and freedom. Get away from all of this Eastern mysticism. Zen, shmen! What difference does it make? You are the exact and specific reason that the universe has been created; therefore, why wonder what you are when you already know who you are. Being what you are is an illusion at best that is foisted upon yourself by what you consider to be influences in your life.

Q: You’re right, lol. I am me, and I am just fine the way I am. All philosophy aside, it won’t make me a better ME … now, that is freeing!

A: It ain’t easy, Kid … actually it is, but you got it. And hey, this Bud’s on me!

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