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A Short Discourse on Good Fortune

way of warrior front coverfrom The Way of the Modern Warrior

Good Fortune can be Quelled by Bad Behavior Even Though Bad Behavior is Sometimes Virtuous

You will find in life that there are times when you think you are in complete control of the world and venture forth to prove it by the most inane and superficial methods. You think because you are sharing in a profound success that you are immune to any causation that can put a stop to your ventures. This is foolish and dangerous action and thinking. The reverse is where you want to accomplish something that you truly believe is for the benefit of everyone in your life and take it into your hands to make things happen for them in your determination to be a leader. It is essential in this mentality that you are fully aware of the needs of all concerned and are willing to take the risk of creating your own downfall should failure ensue. When you do this and you do it with utter resolve, Heaven will see your sincerity and bring forth that which you want to experience. In all matters, it is also essential that you are aware of the source of all good and pay ultimate homage towards it.

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