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Create and Maintain Your Higher Ideal

Now available as hardcopy and ebook editions!

Anyone who creates and maintains any higher ideal in and of their own self may be considered a samurai. A samurai, male or female, devotes their life to a perfection of their own higher self and does so for the benefit of all concerned with themselves as the progenitor of the ideal, whether they are conscious of it or not. In order to attain higher levels of personal perfection, it is essential that the ideal incorporates the needs of humanity, but only if their personal view does not cloud their vision. Therefore, Mahatma Ghandi was samurai; Alexander the Great was samurai; Miles Davis was samurai. Betty Friedan is samurai, and even Salvador Dali is samurai. General George Patton was samurai. Getting the picture? It is all based on a specific discipline that overrides any cultural imitations and limitations that can readily be expressed in any arena of accomplishment. I focus my life towards a higher understanding of myself and to my arts while constantly maintaining the integrity of my work. Therefore, I am samurai.

This book is an exposition to expound the philosophy that maintained the structure of Japanese society for nearly one thousand years, irrespective of the fact that in the late eighteen hundreds the leadership of Japan sought to quell the ideal of “service” in an attempt to modernize itself with regards to the rest of the world, especially the Western mentality.

In this book I present realistic viewpoints of what is actually meant by other works that present “hidden” wisdom generally available only to the so-called initiated few. This Hanshi Damashi, or “Hanshi’s Soul,” is based on applications to life that overall transcend specific cultural implications relevant to only a small segment of the global community. It fits everyone everywhere and is applicable to every ideal. I use idealistic samurai principles and illustrate them with appropriate ideas that can be used to raise an individual’s consciousness. For ease of reference and discussion by readers, they are presented numerically though in no particular order.

Order your book now at Amazon and at all major book retailers.

For more info on the author, visit: http://www.hanshi.com


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