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Approach with Complete and Utter Resolve

Excerpt from The Lady of the Rings – Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women.

I spoke previously to you about redundancy and the repetition of ideas that Musashi insisted upon. The repetition is to reinforce your new way of thinking and the variation in which it is presented can only aid you in the accomplishment of your goals when you see the same thing from different angles.

Deal with any and all situations by going through them to the core of the matter. If necessary, renew your own desire for accomplishment, especially when you find that things are falling into place too easily. This can be your downfall. You must stay on top of it even though you think you are losing connection to previous thought of ideals. Else, you may be starting to think that you have discovered the key to the universe and will become lax in your endeavor. Don’t worry about losing contact with previous ideas. You will only find that you are ascending to a higher level of your own consciousness and that you will come together with those things that can only enhance your life.

Whenever I approach something, it is with complete and utter resolve. Having made appropriate plans for my new sense of self, I had no difficulty in simply falling on top of the matter and dealing with it as something I was on top of. In the martial arts, this is called the “falling leaves” approach. I am always able to see things with a broader perspective when I observe things from the top. I can only do this when I am sure that I understand the situation to the best of my ability from all angles. When I know what I am doing and know my own reasons for wanting to do so, then it is without trouble that I can permit myself to fall onto a situation that can be better for me in the long run.

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