A Taste of Manipulative Grace

We live the major part of our lives under the constant pressure of things we create for ourselves based on misconceptions. Until clarity of purpose becomes a determining factor in our own experiences, others will have our tacit permission to create “things” that control significant parts of our lives. This manifests in our creation of imaginary situations that in fact have nothing to do with reality, until we make them so and have either been beaten or rewarded by our acceptance of them. As a result, we come to the point where we no longer accept anything expressed by others as genuine. We then sub-consciously assume most things to be false and live in a state of constant mistrust. If someone says something nice to us, we immediately question the sincerity behind it and wonder if it is real or if it is manipulative grace.

Manipulative grace is the form of compliment that says one thing, and, though possibly sincere, the intent of its usage is to develop control over you by the person wielding it and sometimes without them even realizing they are doing it. Manipulative grace occurs when you are doing something and someone recognizes the possibility that it might be good for them. They will tell you how to continue your work by disregarding your needs and considering only their own.

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2 comments on “A Taste of Manipulative Grace

  1. That is really interesting. A good idea to chew on for awhile! Perhaps someday I will explore your book!

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