In Defense of the Politically Confused: An Overview of America’s Potential Demise

It is amazing that in the times we are living there seems to be no control being exercised on the so-called leaders of the major world governments: all of them trying to rattle their swords as major world powers because they are supported by a laissez-faire attitude from the American front. From the staging of any immediately recognized conflict anywhere in the world, to the absolute numbing and dumbing down of society with complete and utter disrespect towards our own people via such vehicles as the major media networks, the internet, the “Occupiers”, the total disregard for values perpetrated on the masses by the corporations, the daily “usepapers,” et al, it is obvious that we are becoming an alienated culture. The astonishing arrogance of the present administration should not alone be castigated with rancor. Though the present administration was voted in, they are running like loose cannons in an odious attempt to create a New World Order. But, let’s not get into that by even thinking that Obama was a ploy to fulfill the objectives of an elitist few and selected specifically because his persona and caricature was further based on mass subterfuge that serve the purposes of the corporations. Most people who voted for Obama did so out of the “guilt and shame” model subliminally perpetrated on the masses by the media.

The problem lies in the fact that no one is adequately or hardly trained to do the job that and winning an election is based on money and a popularity precedent in the same manner as choosing a high-school class president. (In my view there should definitely be a written and oral test taken and passed by anyone who would presume to be a voter in a democratic society.) What is even scarier is that the idea of “they” is now being taken over by the younger generation who are insipidly becoming entrenched in the same morass of mediocrity with all the crap they have being pumped into their cutesy, little earbuds.

The whole world wants to come to America for the enjoyment of freedom. The difference between what our forefathers and grandparents saw as an opportunity to become Americans and to invest in the future of the nation is not the same now as it was then. Most people coming to America at this time are not interested in the future of our Great Nation. They are interested in getting what they can and as quickly as they can by milking the system and then spitting in our faces, knowing that we are so lackadaisical, contemptibly content, and so arrogantly above it all as long as Visa and M/C increase our credit lines while all we do is bitch about the problem while doing nothing concrete to stop it.

One of the substantive reasons for the our leadership’s ability to get away with everything, from goofbag spending to major invasions of privacy cleverly hidden in the Patriot Act, is because most Americans are politically unsavvy. They don’t understand the value of the voting system predicated on democracy or the republican ideal (NOT the Republicans). Forget the rest of the world. The rest of the world has enough trouble trying to get something to eat and a blanket to keep their children warm at night just like a vast majority of Americans: the ones you don’t hear about or want to know about.

Preferring to leave things as status quo instead of rising up and demanding that government do what is in the best interests of our people, we are permitting We, the People to become an extinct concept. Why? Because we have more interest in mind-numbing activities such as what’s on sale at Walmart and twitwit reruns of Sex in the City: this, to the of the rich who think they are getting away with something. And, maybe they are getting away with something at this point until, of course, it all comes crashing down around their heads as well.

So, what are we supposed to do besides hide our heads in the sand while these jokers play with our lives and the lives of everyone on the planet that isn’t a member of their gang? Well, that’s easy. I’ll tell you what has to be done. (First, let me call out my personal militia.)

You know what globalization is, don’t you? That’s where the entire universe becomes One, but not in the Zen sense. In the world of globalization you only become “one” if you are qualified to enhance the net worth of the haves. If you cannot produce for the needs of the rich, then you are expendable, and in their view, should probably be euthanized. There is absolutely too much information being bandied about and no one knows what’s really up, except those who are in control. A “straight count” has gone the way of the lost American Dream. So like fools without a determined attitude, we put up with things like outsourcing and biased tariffs on imports with total disregard for the needs of others. There is hardly an attitude of doing things for the benefit of all concerned, including, and most importantly, the globalization scenario further mitigated by the present discourses on Free Trade Agreements and the current UN discussions about gun control, etc. This will be continually exacerbated with the idiocy of money-printing presses running amok and will go on interminably until the US deems it necessary to reinstate such ideals as no taxation without representation. Cute, right? Not really. It’s disgusting in the perspective of needing to look after our own people first and foremost. Free trade should mean that everyone is equal in the system value for value and not, “we have, you don’t, so we’ll pick up the slack.”

I constantly voice my opinion about things like homeland security, which it ain’t, the police bearing major arms in complete alignment with the law while denying our right to bear them, revisionism in education, etc. Things that are needed to move our society into the future for the benefit of all concerned are always put on the back burner because of the “we ain’t got no money” sob story and “let’s worry about the hungry and the homeless later.” This will continue until we take a stance and tell the politically confused officials that We, the People have elected them to consciously legislate our demands as our true heritage. If we don’t, and it seems that we aren’t, our culture, life and society is going to maintain it’s downward spiral as it is flushed down the toilet.

Calling elected officials to the point of harassment and emailing elected representatives with incessant and increasing volume would probably not do it either, as no doubt they have their spam filters activated. But, it is essential that EVERYONE get on the cases of the legislators that have been elected by an unknowing mass of voters without any idea of what is right and what is wrong. Pick up the phone and use the internet to find the addresses of these people and start taking action. If this is not done, then the next thing to be outsourced may be you.

I do not want to sound completely cynical, though it seems that the government has attained the ultimate control factor over all of our lives: divide and conquer. Revolution would hardly be worth the effort, as that would probably be orchestrated as well.

I think I will gather up my sword, my pen, and my saxophone, and as John Muir said, “the mountains are calling and I must go.”  …my sword to practice peaceful meditation, my pen to focus my thoughts on ascensions, my saxophone so I can sing to the mountains without words…my sword to cut down any who would infringe on my solitude, my pen to castigate or praise, my saxophone to offer praise to the Heavens and to watch the animals and birds dance.

© SFKaufman 2012


2 comments on “In Defense of the Politically Confused: An Overview of America’s Potential Demise

  1. Hanshi
    Personally I could not agree with you more!
    To me you have hit the nail on the head, however I do feel some of these so called representatives need a bit more than voted out of office!

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