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The Art of War: Using the Power of Heaven

Excerpt from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

It is important for the warlord to manage all of his resources by maintaining personal control over them. He may delegate authority in certain respects but is still primarily responsible for his own welfare. It does not matter if there are many affairs to control or if there are few. He manages and controls his own destiny. All is controlled with ease or difficulty depending on his desire, and this will be determined by his understanding of the organization of Heaven.

When all is in harmony, the army can withstand natural attacks and those that appear to be supernatural. This ability is maintained through correct administration and the proper management of men. When functioning in proper order, an army can make an enemy think that attacks are not what they appear to be. This is reinforced even further if the organization has had proper training and practice. All things that exist have a multitude of variations, some subtle and some not so subtle. With only limited tones in a musical scale and red, blue, and green on the palette, combinations of melodies and colors become infinite. The principles are the same when the warlord administers his court or applies methods to defeating an enemy.

The possibilities are endless under Heaven. That is why each move must be carefully measured and considered. In battle, as everywhere else, combinations of natural and supernatural forces are infinite and cannot be comprehended with ease. The methods to be used are as unfathomable as the ideas that govern existence, and when applied with full force and authority they cannot be stopped. When the warlord is skilled in the ways of war, his attacks are thorough and he is relentless until the goal is achieved. Heaven sees the meaning in his desires and will Itself insist that he attain his goals.

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