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How You Should Stand in Combat Readiness

Always stress form and balance. If you are lax in your stances and positioning, then you will be unable to perform your technique effectively. Focus your concentration on only one thing—making the “hit.” Narrow your eyes slightly and ever so subtly flare your nostrils. Always fight with your spine erect and unbent. Keep your shoulders relaxed and lowered. Tighten your abdominal muscles and root yourself into the ground. Make yourself bigger in your mind than you are as a manner of intimidating the enemy until you are ready to strike. Keep you weapons ready at all times. You should practice the proper stances and movements prior to using any fighting technique and in this manner establish your own sense of being through your particular art. How often have you witnessed so-call experts with no form or balance? You see them as clods with no style or grace. Think this through and consider how you yourself wish to be seen should the time come for you to move. Think about being seen only by yourself and not through the eyes of others.

Why would you want to appear as one thing and be another? If you are a warrior, then you are a warrior, and if you are not a warrior, then you are not a warrior. The Way of the warrior is the Way of the warrior. To be a warrior, look like a warrior and stand like a warrior. Do not be false to yourself.

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