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Metaphysics in Martial Disciplines – Part Two

Question 2 – Thank you very much for taking the time to answer so thoroughly. I realize that the subject matter I was questioning isn’t exactly conducive to the “short-answer,” but I very much appreciate you not treating it as such. It’s taken me this long to respond, due mostly to the impact your response has had. I’ve been tossing this stuff around in my head and can’t help but feel excitement at the possibilities.

In the first paragraph of your response, you say that I “need to understand that extreme concentration and acceptance of a higher authority based on transdimensionalism is essential to unleashing these “powers.” I think I understand the term “transdimensionalism,” but there is also a religious sect calling itself “Transdimensionalism.” Are these related, or how exactly do you define the term? I understand that there is tremendous power within the individual and it sounds like the individual is able to pull from an unlimited amount of power from throughout all of creation in all of its levels of existence (dimensions).

Answer 2 – The “transdimensionalism” that I will speak of has absolutely and positively (note both extremes) nothing to do with any form of religious organization, cult, or anything else that may come to mind that is concordant with any type of group.

Understanding transdimensionalism suggests the need to leave behind certain ideas and attitudes that may or may not have become extensions of your individual personality. We deal with aspects of the obvious fundamental dimensions (height, width, depth, space, time, sound, vibration), astral dynamics, any of the various yogic disciplines, conscious dreaming: things that exist in their own dimension but only need to coexist with each other on the finite plane. This is the only way it can be. Without reference on the finite plane, utter confusion would ensue: another reason to disavow yin/yang as causality. Therefore, total acceptance of all realities, those known and those unknown, must be deemed viable and functional in the physical state, especially those that are recognizable only in ethereal expression. Again, if you understand those things that exist then you understand those things that do not exist.

The inordinate power that exists within is constructed of acceptance based on all realities. As a mundane example, consider being able to work on the idea that it is within a person’s power by right of consciousness to “punch through” three boards, six boards, eight boards (trustfully without spacers, which is a jive way to do it in the best of cases, thereby relegating it to being a parlor trick, such as walking on coals, etc. and mostly depending upon strength). Releasing the internal power is what is required to transcend the limitations of the body. Preparing the body to deal with the event is also required. Here, visualization is essential in proper format. “Seeing” oneself going through 3 boards, or 6, or 16 for that matter is not a head-trip to the imaginary world of Oz. It consists in training the ego to release itself through the constraints of the physical barrier as the energy itself. The same applies to healing. Think in terms of phenomena, such as esp, clairvoyance, etc., whether or not they are real or contrived. Evidence suggests both possibilities. As well, evidence exists that suggests Tibetan monks of certain sects being able to levitate and grow extraneous limbs. Growing limbs, walking on water, levitation and other extreme extensions of the self are at present beyond this discussion. To do these things takes extreme dedication. You asked, and this is why your questions must be well thought out and the answers intrinsically designed.

Question 3 – You say it is usually best not to be involved with anything else to do with my life once I begin this approach and until I develop a release point. I’ve found a copy of Ten Bulls by Kakuan and have read it through only a couple of times, but it’s a little unclear to me when you say, “not to be involved with anything else to do with my life.” I’m a husband, father, educator, writer, martialist, brother, son, grandchild, and soon-to-be step-grandfather, hence my question. What exactly does that line mean?

Answer 3 – To come to terms with the idea of the Ten Bulls, or for that matter anything that is simple on the esoteric plane, is the part that demands the most concentration and introspection until the silliness of it all is realized, which is not the same as knowing it is silly and then, it becomes no-thing. (Complete versions of Ten Bulls can be found on the Internet.)

When I say not to be involved, I am not saying in the disassociative or detachment sense, though it is important that personal matters be kept in control and harmony. One’s desires will then enable the individual to be free from frustration and petty annoyances self-imposed or otherwise. This is hard—real hard while working hard at not denigrating those who do not share the same thoughts of alleged karma. It has taken me many years to approach the inevitable “cleansing my soul.” And though I have approached it, it is still an aspect of perfection that is far removed from actualization in my life. I dare anyone to say they have attained ultimate freedom. Saints only exist in the mind and in Heaven for those who need that. Clean living, to the extent that it can be experienced, is the key. Doing one’s daily tasks and enjoying one’s freedom in relationships is essential. Don’t expect salvation: redemption, maybe.

Perhaps the words “not to be involved” are misleading; however, the bluntness of the idea is notwithstanding. The Eastern idea of detachment causes most of the difficulties in essentially having one’s composure together. This is readily accomplished through utter devotion to the ideal. Keep in mind the attitude of listening but not necessarily hearing the criticisms and cajoling of others. That is why I stress not discussing these matters in random conversation. Read Takuan’s book, The Unfettered Mind.

Question 4 – “Spirit of the Thing Itself” – Was this phrase actually used by Musashi in Five Rings, or is this your interpretation of a point Musashi was trying to make?

Answer 4– “Spirit of the Thing Itself “is a term that I have coined in order to simplify the composite energy and power of the multiverses. The concept is ancient and overrides any theology or tenets; I never came across it prior to having coined it.

Question 5 – Self-Revealization Acceptance® and the Spirit of the Thing Itself are two points that are very well conveyed in your email. I feel like I’ve just had a peak through the door to a much larger world. I’ve seen references to a book by you on Self-Revealization Acceptance. Is the book out already and where can I find it?

Answer 5Self-Revealization Acceptance® An Introduction to Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom is available through my website, www.hanshi.com. It is quite radical in contemporary thought and really simple to understand if a student or reader takes the time to understand things that are new and revolutionary. Through our work together, I will teach you the entire method if you are so inclined.

Comment from reader: I will begin practicing with the makiwara by next week. Hopefully, with your assistance (I certainly have the desire—until I transcend that) I’ll be able to start doing my part towards making this place better than it was when I found it. I send these questions with humble gratitude to you for your time and expertise.

Response: – Glad that you have responded and that your questions are very obviously sincere. This gives me the confidence that I am not pissing into the wind. The depths that we will be exploring and transcending is estimable and would make most people laugh at the absurdity, or in some cases probably throw up, and in most cases consider the revelations novelty at best. What you have asked takes a strong will to acknowledge as a reality. As well, stop using the word “hope,” as it is a debasing concept that denies acceptance of reality as done.

© SFKaufman 2012

For more info on the author, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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