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American Martial Arts Masters Feature Article

I am pleased to be associated with the ATTU (American Temple Training Union) team that includes Sha Poe Ryu Anthony Elam, Founder and Publisher, Mr, Nikko Gutierrez, Vice-president, and all of the associates involved with the fine effort being demonstrated by the quality of the output and the structure of the organization. The American Temple Training Union provides timely and valuable information on the martial arts at http://www.attumagazine.com. They offer business and social networking solutions as well, and they make available various products, services, educational programs and business opportunities.





The ATTU recently featured an article on me and you can read the article in full at: http://issuu.com/shapoeryu/docs/attus_american_ma_masters_magazine_june_issue_2012/1

For more info on Hanshi Kaufman, visit http://www.hanshi.com


One comment on “American Martial Arts Masters Feature Article

  1. Thank you so very much for the honorable mention Hanshi

    Nikko Gutierrez

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