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The Art of Business

A reading from my forthcoming book, THE ART OF BUSINESS BASED ON THE MAXIMS OF NAPOLEON (c) SFK

Maxim XLIX: The practice of mixing small bodies of infantry and cavalry together is a bad one and attended with many inconveniences. The cavalry loses its power of action. It becomes fettered in all its movements. Its energy is destroyed; even the infantry itself is compromised, for on the first movement of the cavalry it is left without support. The best mode of protecting cavalry is to cover its flank.

Commentary: You should not mix the interests of the tech support group with that of the sales group or the management group. To do so causes confusion when each is left to their own devices as to what is the priority for accomplishment and delivery of the objective. Each contingent should understand the need to cooperate with each other for the overall good of the endeavor and in that way ensures their own success and future value to the organization.


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