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from The Shogun’s Scroll by Stephen F. Kaufman

What I have attempted to explain to you, my Liege, is certain to be known to you. Not wishing to be presumptuous, I have given you what I believe is the most intelligent and realistic information. I am indebted to Heaven and the grace bestowed on me by God to have been considered wise enough to explain my understanding of these things to you.

What I have discussed is without doubt what a man of your attainment certainly knows. But the wisdom does not stop there. These words are for the benefit of all men in all times, and if they would understand what the words themselves impart, they would truly control their own destinies to the degree that they can accept these truths.

A man’s position in life is always based on the degree to which he accepts the values shown to him by the Spirit of the Thing Itself. This spirit reveals to a man only that which he desires it to reveal to him, personally. Spirit is impersonal and could not care less about you until you tell it what to do on your behalf. It has no mind of its own, and again, can only reveal of itself as you desire it to reveal of itself. You may of course prevail upon it to show you the way to higher understanding.

To know you are shogun is one thing—this takes learning. To realize you are shogun is some thing—this takes meditation. But, to be shogun is no thing and this demands acceptance of the self.

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