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How Power Comes to Be

Excerpt from The Shogun’s Scroll

Power is a private matter, recently structured as new or passed from generation to generation, being subject to the fates and a man’s desire. The civil domain is maintained by means of subjecting the population by force, irrespective of appearance, and only works when there is respect for the leader. It does not matter if this respect is in the form of love or fear. Leaders maintain power by a consensus of opinion and the timely showing of strength: their own. As shogun, you control the entire country, and should anyone interfere with your authority, they should be eliminated, including their entire bloodline. This is always reasonable if anyone interferes with the shogun’s control.

There is little difference in civil or private control; it is always based on desire and the personal ability of the leader. To maintain control in either public or private matters, you must understand the rules that you yourself establish for control. You must be quick of mind to change these rules when it befits the needs of the moment. It is also important to understand the temperament of the people you presently command and those you wish to command. Then, with correct action, changes can be made and you can progress to your liking. Under no circumstances can you ever remain passive and static. If you are indecisive, you will jeopardize your authority. There are times, however, that your strength can be reinforced through leniency, but without indulgence when dealing with dissenters.

If you are in power, then everyone must know you are in command or simply, you are not. If you maintain control in this manner, all the people will think they are deriving advantage and enjoying your personal guarantee. If you do not act in such a manner, you many be considered weak-minded and it will cause your downfall. Everyone, myself included, should be used as a tool for the realization of your greatness.

© SFKaufman 2012

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