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The Power of Self-Revealization Acceptance

Self-revealization acceptance leads you quickly and intelligently into the position of accepting the tangible experience of your desire. It cuts through all of the chaff that keeps you associated with erroneous ideas of guilt, unworthiness, or any form of “negative sentiment” and “manipulative grace”. These two nullifying factors of life’s pleasures are now briefly discussed and will be elaborated on further into the book.

Negative sentiment is sub-conscious guilt that you may not be aware of, but which limits you in all of your desires. It is your acceptance, consciously or unconsciously, of reasons for your existence required by the demands of other people or things in your life. It makes you feel uncomfortable when you want to do something and it makes you consider the needs of others before your own. Whenever you want to do something and do not do it because of the possibility of hurting someone’s feelings, you are a victim of negative sentiment and you must rid of it.

Manipulative grace is the words that people use to control you. It is sometimes a clever remark used to impress you with hidden flattery to keep you subservient. It is accomplished through impure selfishness and disingenuous behavior towards you by others and yourself. Many people who use manipulative grace are not even aware that they are doing so. The root of manipulative grace is based on others’ fear or jealousy of you for any reason, and so it must be cleared from your consciousness of acceptance or you will fall short of experiencing your true desire. You have probably noticed that people who try to keep control over others are always complaining about the lack of cooperation and ingratitude being shown them by their victims.

You must come to terms with the reality of negative sentiment and manipulative grace. When you do, you will no longer have to consider the sources any further. Self-revealization acceptance enables you to free yourself of these influences once and for all with complete and total success.


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